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Hey, it’s Russ Perry here, founder of Design Pickle. I'm glad you found this page :) 

Do you ever feel like you are being taken advantage of by your designer?

Do you keep throwing money at a design problem, but never get what you truly want?

Do you keep looking for the “one” only to be disappointed time and time again?

And end up trapped in a vicious cycle of going back to that ex(-designer) you know is no good for you?

You should take your business's design as seriously as meeting your (potential) significant other.

And since your business is your baby… you have to do the due diligence and answer all the questions in your mind.

I'd like to invite you to join me in a Live Training of Design Pickle as I demo the service, answer all of your burning questions and help you decide if Design Pickle a good fit for your business. 

Save your seat today to secure your spot at the table!

You will:

  • Learn how to get the most out of Design Pickle
  • See exactly how to use the tool
  • Find out if your business is a good fit
  • Be able to ask any questions you have directly to me

Sign up today and I'll see you on July 17th!


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Recorded July 17th

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Your Host: Russ Perry, Founder of Design Pickle, Jar, & SOBR

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